Aluminum Foil For Cooking

Marge Teilhaber writes: My newest cooking discovery, which I love, is creating a tent with aluminum foil, after having sprayed the foil with cooking spray and putting on the foil fish, veggies and spices, and cooking it about 20 minutes. Out comes a great meal.

Someone told me that cooking with aluminum foil causes breast cancer. Can you give me your opinion -- is it a good idea or bad idea -- to cook like this? The oven is at 450 and I put the tent on a baking sheet or I've put the tent on an aluminum tray, anything to make sure I don't make a mess out of the oven by a possible spillage. Look forward to your answer! Thanks for the very informative newsletter!

DM RESPONSE: I would not recommend aluminum foil for cooking unless you are certain that you are not going to live beyond 60 some day. Aluminum is a poison that has been associated with Alzheimer?s and it is not designed to be in the human body. The notion that aluminum causes breast cancer was started as an E-mail myth warning that antiperspirants caused breast cancer. This is not true, but you should avoid the aluminum for concern of brain neurotoxicity. There are many other options to cook with. Stoneware should provide similar results that you are achieving with the aluminum foil tenting.


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