Asthma Drug Linked to Heart Risk

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January 02, 2008 | 3,303 views

People who have a history of cardiovascular disease should be closely monitored when taking drugs known as beta-agonists as they appear to increase the risk of heart attack by more than threefold. Physicians should use caution when prescribing beta-agonists for the first time in patients with cardiovascular disease.

The new data was presented April 27 at the American Lung Assoc. /American Thoracic Society International Conference.

Dr. Mercola's Comment:

Asthma inhalers can save your life. Until your asthma is controlled with a more natural means, it is probably wise to use them, specifically, the beta-agonists. If you need them more than three times a day, than you are at risk for severe problems. You should not stop using them, but should actively seek more aggressive natural interventions. If you are using steroid inhalers, you are in deep trouble. They should not be used more than several months. You should aggressively seek to implement natural therapies to wean yourself off of these dangerous drugs as they will inevitably contribute to osteoporosis, cataracts and other degenerative diseases.