Estrogen Linked to Breast Cancer Risk

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January 02, 2008 | 6,557 views

Use of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is associated with an increased risk of developing less common types of invasive breast cancer. The risk is also associated with duration of HRT use, the research team reports that postmenopausal women who used HRT for 5 years or less had an 80% higher risk of breast cancer than those who had not taken HRT. This risk rose to a 165% higher risk in those who had taken HRT for more than 5 years. The research was done at Northwestern University in Chicago and the Mayo Clinic.

The Journal of the American Medical Association June 9, 1999;281:2091-2097, 2140-2141.

COMMENT: One should make great efforts to severely limit their exposure to estrogen. There are clearly times when it is indicated, but one should always try to use the smallest dose for the least amount of time.