Are New No Trans Fat Margarines Healthier than Butter?

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January 02, 2008 | 21,075 views

Researchers are now stating that margarines which are "trans fatty acid free" or have moderate amounts of trans unsaturated fat appear to be a healthier choice than butter. Compared with butter, both types of margarine had healthier effects on the types of cholesterol linked to increasing the risk of heart disease, Butter and margarine contain varying proportions of different types of fatty acids. There are a number of types -- including saturated, monounsaturated, polyunsaturated and trans unsaturated fatty acids -- and each type has unique effects on different kinds of cholesterol.

Total cholesterol levels were 3.5% lower on the margarine diet, and 5.4% lower on the trans fatty acid free margarine diet, than on the butter diet. And LDL cholesterol levels were 4.9 % lower on the margarine diet, and 6.7 % lower after the trans fatty acid free diet, than on the butter diet.

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 1998;68:768-777.

COMMENT: This is an excellent study that will demonstrate how one can use a superficial understanding of health to make a recommendation that looks healthy but will actually devastate your health. Traditional medicine does not understand that health is MUCH more than a lower cholesterol level. Folks, this new non-trans fat is still liquid plastic. Do you really want a slightly lower cholesterol with cell membranes that will not function properly??? These plastics were never designed to be in your body. Many of you know I am fond of stating that if you have these or any of the older margarines in your home, you need to seriously reflect on which neighbor or relative that you don’t like and give them the margarine. You do NOT want that in your house at all. One needs to avoid this fat at all costs. Aside from margarine there are many hidden sources of trans fat such as many salad dressing, most all crackers, most mayonnaise (grape seed oil type would be the exception) and most all fried foods.