Link Between History of C-Section and Abortion and Risk of Placenta Previa

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January 02, 2008 | 17,166 views

There is a strong association between having a previous cesarean delivery, spontaneous or induced abortion and the subsequent development of placenta previa." The risk increases with the number of previous C-sections.. The authors reviewed the studies on placenta previa that have been published since 1950. In 36 studies of 3.7 million pregnant women, nearly 14,000 women had a diagnosis of placenta previa, with an incidence that ranged between 0.28% and 2.0%, or 1 in 200 deliveries.

Women with a history of cesarean delivery had a risk of placenta previa 2.6 times higher than their counterparts without such a history. The Newark team observed a dose-response pattern for the risk of previa on the basis of the number of prior cesarean deliveries. The investigators found a relative risk of .4.5 for one previous c-section, 7.4 for two, 6.5 for three and 44.9 for four or more prior cesarean deliveries. A history of spontaneous or induced abortion increased the risk of placenta previa by 60% to 70%.

Am J Obstet Gynecol 1997;177:1071-1078

COMMENT: More support from the medical literature to support the concept that abortions can have negative health consequences. The study also clearly shows that Csections should be avoided if at all possible. One would be best served by finding a clinician who can do home births. These clinicans usually have full access to hospital facilities if needed and are much less inclined to be aggressive with a C-section.