Pesticides Linked to Stillbirths

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January 02, 2008 | 11,967 views

Maternal exposure to workplace or household pesticides in early pregnancy increases the risk for stillbirths, The study authors discovered that one month of maternal exposure to workplace pesticides during the first two months of pregnancy resulted in a 2.4 times increased risk for stillbirth due to congenital defects, compared with mothers with no such exposure.

Pregnant women with one-month workplace pesticide exposures during their first trimester (three months) also faced a 70% raised risk for stillbirths due to placental, cord, and membrane complications Home exposure was by far the most common site for maternal pesticide exposure Women exposed during early pregnancy to chemicals such as cockroach and ant insecticides for one month in the home environment were found to have a70% raised risk for stillbirths due to congenital defects, the researchers conclude.

This really is only the TIP of the iceberg. This study does not address the well documented delayed effect of this exposure which will clearly increase cancers, breast cancer being a major one. When Isreal banned pesiticides in their food supply over ten years ago their breast cancer rate dropped by over 75%! The take home message is do NOT use lawn chemicals or ANY insecticide in your home. Also eat organic foods whenever possible!

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