UV Light Linked to Skin Cancer or Is it?

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January 02, 2008 | 12,501 views

About 1 in 70 Caucasian Americans will develop a melanoma during their lifetime. For the first time, research reveals a direct link between exposure to a type of ultraviolet light (UVB) and the development of melanoma, a potentially life-threatening form of skin cancer, according to a report.

"There should be no controversy surrounding the effectiveness of sunscreen and sun protection methods in preventing skin cancer," said lead author Dr. Ercem Atillasoy in a statement.

"We now have the first clear evidence that UVB exposure is directly linked to the development of melanoma." "It is critical that people avoid the sun and use sun protection methods, such as sunscreen, every day," he added.

The research, presented at April 29 at an American Academy of Dermatology press conference, was conducted by exposing donated human foreskins to UV light for various amounts of time over 10 months.

The length of the UVB exposure used in the study was chosen to simulate the amount of sun that would cause redness on average Caucasian exposed skin.

Dr. Mercola's Comment:

Many of you will believe this is heresy; but I would caution you to view with skepticism research that suggests light is not healthy for you and tells you that you need to avoid it at all costs or you will get melanoma.

The above research uses donated human foreskins to document that UV light causes melanoma. Well folks, how many men do you know that walk around with their foreskins exposed to the sun?

I don't believe that this skin was designed to have high sun exposure. Yet this research will be promoted as "proof" that you should avoid sunlight as it will kill you.

I do not believe that one should bake in the sun. One should exercise caution and avoid being bunt at all costs. However, avoiding sunlight is probably one of the most damaging things you could do to your health.

Most of us would benefit from being outdoors for one hour per day. You can be in the shade as all 1500 wavelengths of the sun will then shine on your retina (assuming you are not wearing glasses or contacts) and your brain will receive the solar photon nourishment it was designed to have. Avoiding this nutrient will lead to disease like the heart attacks referenced above.