Asthma Treatment May Slow Growth

Experts say children who need high doses of steroids to control their asthma are shorter, lighter, and experience slower growth rates compared with other children. But social deprivation appeared to play a bigger role in slowed growth than the effects of steroids.

Only children receiving more than 400 micrograms/day of inhaled steroids were found to be shorter on average, and had slower growth rates compared with the national average for their sex and age. Social deprivation has an adverse effect on the height and weight of children irrespective of any disease process.

British Medical Journal (1998;316:688-672)

Dr. Mercola's Comment:

Short stature is not the only reason you want to avoid inhaled steroids in asthma. There are so many better options than to use these toxic medications. The diet, of course is the first step. Most asthma is due to mold allergy. So effective immunotherapy will be amazingly helpful here.

I am currently working with some new breathing exercises that increase carbon dioxide concentrations which have been shown in Europe and Australia to reduce asthma medications by over 90% in two weeks. I will keep you posted on the results that we are experiencing in our office.

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