Atherosclerosis Begins in Adolescence

Atherosclerosis begins as young as age 15, indicating that primary prevention of the disease should begin even earlier. Atherosclerotic lesions were apparent in even the youngest subjects, those aged 15 to 19 years, in whom the investigators detected intimal lesions in 100% of the aortas and more than 50% of the right coronary arteries. These lesions increased in prevalence and extent with age through the oldest age group.

JAMA February 24, 1999;281:727-735.

COMMENT: It is important to be proactive from the start. Yes, one can reverse heart disease later in life, but it is much more difficult. The major contribution to this plaque buildup is the excess grain carbohydrate and sugar that most of our culture consumes. One of the best books for children is the Heller’s Carbohydrate Addicted Kids which carefully addresses this issue. It is also explains the major reason why many children have ADHD.

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