Baby Formula Supplies 'Violate Code' and Kill 1.5 Million

An international agreement to support breastfeeding by restricting the promotion of infant formula is not being enforced, according to a study of advertising practices in four major cities. Studies have shown that women who receive commercial discharge packs containing formula or bottles are less likely to be breastfeeding at 4 months than women given products consistent with the code, such as breast pads and pamphlets on breastfeeding. From 8% to 50% of clinics had been given samples, and up to 18% of clinics accepted gifts from companies that manufacture or distribute breast-milk substitute products. Each year, 1.5 million infant deaths worldwide could be prevented if mothers breast-fed their babies exclusively for about 6 months and continuing up until age 2, according to the World Health Organization.

British Medical Journal (1998;316:1103-1104, 1117-1122)

COMMENT: One and one-half million infant deaths per year. That is just about how many fetuses that we kill every year in our country through abortion. This is a tragic example of how the drug model is frequently based on greed. There is no question that infant formula has it's place and is frequently needed. However, aggressively switching infants off of breast milk for personal profit resulting in their death is a disgusting model that most of the drug companies follow. They really care about their bottom line and NOT your health. Greed is a powerful ruling force in this world.

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