Dietary Lectin in Beans Slow Colon Cancer Progression

A protein found in broad beans may prevent or slow the progression of colon cancer. Vicia faba agglutinin, a digestion-resistant protein may contribute to protection from colorectal cancer through effects on tumor development. A hallmark of cancer cells is their tendency to become undifferentiated, or to lose their physical resemblance to normal cells. However, when placed into contact with Vicia faba agglutinin, colon cancer cells generated new cells with "gland like structures" -- in other words, cells that more closely resemble those found in normal, healthy tissue.

Vicia faba agglutinin is one of a family of dietary lectins, plant proteins that remain largely intact as they pass through the gut. The investigators found that Agaricus bisporus -- a dietary lectin found in edible mushrooms -- also displayed anti-cancer activity under laboratory conditions. Both of these compounds appear to bind to epithelial cells, which line the inside of the bowel. The authors believe this binding process may allow the lectins to penetrate more deeply into bowel tissue.

Gut May 1999;44:709-714

Dr. Mercola's Comment:

I am certain that this study did not escape Dr. D’damo. The lectins that he discusses in his book Eat Right For Your Type are huge influences on our health. They clearly are not the only factors that one needs to address. I find that the carbohydrate control is a far more important concept for most individuals than rigid adherence to D’damo’s food plan.

This is particularly true for blood type A individuals who are heavy, have high cholesterol, diabetes or hypertension. Most of the time these individuals will do much better on a type O meat and vegetable diet until they are able to get their symptoms under control. If you know your blood type, I have a link on the links page of my web site that has tables of the foods recommended by Dr. D’damo.

I believe that the following which foods to avoid is more important for most than consuming the beneficial foods. I am not convinced that sprouted wheat bread is as benign as he leads one to believe in his book.

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