Cooking Instructions For Grass Fed Beef

Comments From a Grass Fed Beef Fan on How to Maximize Tenderness

I prefer mine at medium rare and am always pleased. If you like them well done they will not be as tender as a grain fed counterpart.

I would suggest basting for moisture preservation if you like them well done. Less fat makes preparation more of a challenge.

If you pan fry steaks, you must have a lid on the skillet to keep the moisture in. Charcoal or gas grills require lower heat levels with grass finished to prevent losing moisture in the beef . . . Slower is better.

In a hurry, I will resort to george foreman grill , which will work fine providing steaks are pulled in the medium rare range. Long story short, grass finished will cook 20% faster due to lower fat content.

Eye of round and chuck roast will be delicious prepared in the crock pot with a can of beef broth soup. Eye of round is my bride's favorite roast.

Do not overcook cube steaks . . . They will lose tenderness if overcooked. I enjoy stew beef off of the george foreman . . . Makes quick snack for the whole family.

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