Biofeedback Can Help Constipation, and Other Thoughts Regarding Constipation

Patients with chronic constipation who do not respond to conventional treatments may benefit from biofeedback therapy, according to a team of UK researchers.

Gut April 1998;42:517-521

Dr. Mercola's Comment

The average patient is seriously confused about how many bowel movements they should have per day. Most think they are doing great if they have one a day. This is, however, not compatible with optimal bowel health. One should have at least two to three bowel movements per day.

If one has less than that, there are many options. The most common one I recommend is to make sure that you are getting at least one quart of water for every 50 pounds of body weight.

Next would be to take magnesium (citrate and glycinate and maalate are some excellent ones). The only side effect is loose stools; so increase the dose until you get to two or three per day unless you have loose stools.

The only problem here is that this is a short term solution as constant use of magnesium will upset your calcium magnesium ratio and cause other problems.

One can also use Aloe. I would avoid any preparations with cascara. Even though it is an herb, it functions more like a drug and can cause the bowels to worsen over the long run.

If all else fails, one can try biofeedback which will probably work for many other things aside from the constipation.

A high potency probiotic should also be useful. I plan on distributing one of the most potent ones in the world in the fall. Alternatively there are many good ones on the market now. We currently use Flora Source.


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