Incidence of Nickel Allergy Rising with Popularity of Body Piercing

An increase in skin problems arising from nickel sensitivity has coincided with the popularity of body piercing, according to a report presented October 28 at the American Academy of Dermatology's Derm Update '98 press briefing in New York. Surgical-grade stainless steel and titanium probably represent safer materials. Persons contemplating body piercing need to use caution and be prepared to consult a physician at the first sign of infection or allergy.

COMMENT: I have started to see an increase in the number of young women who have had their tongues pierced. I would strongly advise against this practice. One does not need a degree in medicine to realize that this is not how our bodies were designed to function. The above report cites the nickel allergy aspect. However, there are also electromagnetic effects to be concerned with. Ideally, one should not have any metal in their mouth. Stainless steel crowns would cause similar complications. When you have dental work, I would strongly advise to only see dentists who are trained in biological dentistry (there are only about a dozen in Chicago and less than 1,000 in the country). While considering EMFs, it would also be wise not to wear a watch that has battery in it as that can have adverse consequences on one's health. Wind up watches would be acceptable.

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