Breast Cancer Risk Often Modifiable

A large Italian study showed that about one third of breast cancer cases are attributable to modifiable lifestyle factors. Reducing alcohol intake, having a diet richer in fruit, vegetables and vegetable oil (i.e., the most important sources of [beta]-carotene and vitamin E), and a higher level of physical activity. Specifically, they noted attributable risks of 10.7% for high alcohol intake, 15% for low beta-carotene intake, 8.6% for low vitamin E intake, and 11.6% for low levels of physical activity.

J Natl Cancer Inst 1998;90:389-394.

COMMENT: Dr. D'Adamo (Eat Right for Your Type) is in the process of compiling some interesting research with blood types and breast cancer. He has found that those who are blood type O seem to do the best while those with A tend to have more aggressive disease. The blood type antigens appear to have potent influences over the course of the disease. This is valuable to know as it can help influence one's choice of treatment. Blood type O females can probably take less aggressive measures while blood type A should not hesitate to consider the full mastectomy, chemo therapy and radiation. There are several very important adjunctive measures to also consider. Soy lectins appear to powerfully agglutinate the cancer antigens and remove them from the body. It does this more effectively than tamoxifen. One does not need much soy to achieve this effect, probably about one ounce. I strongly recommend tempeh rather than tofu for this purpose. (See newsletter number 11 for the reasons why). Since many individuals are allergic to soy you would only want to do this treatment 5 times a week to limit the risk of developing a soy allergy.

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