Breast Cancer Study Raises Questions On Pesticide, Chemical Use

Seeking clues about the high rate of breast cancer among wealthy women, researchers have come up with some possible leads involving chemical exposure.

Researchers found women who lived in areas hit hardest by the disease used professional lawn and dry cleaning services more often than those in less-affected neighborhoods.? 65 percent of the women in the area with higher breast-cancer rates had used a professional lawn service, compared with 36 percent of the women in the low-incidence neighborhood.

In addition, 30 percent of those in the high-incidence area reported routine use of pesticides, compared with 23 percent in the low-incidence sector. And 45 percent of those in the high-incidence area used dry cleaning at least once a month, compared with 32 percent in the less-affected neighborhood.


It is quite clear that breast cancer has two precipitating environmental exposures. One is clearly chemical exposure. That is why it is so important to avoid chemicals as much as possible. Lawn chemicals, pesticides, dry cleaners and cleaning agents around your home. This would also include non-organic food.

When one is exposed to these poisons, they tend to accumulate in the fat tissue. The body attempts to remove them through detoxification mechanisms in the liver. The liver has to make a very specific enzyme to break down most of these chemicals. When this enzyme is stimulated it does not restrict its action to breaking down these chemicals.

It also acts on the any estrogen levels present in the body. This enzyme will convert estrogen to a toxic breakdown product that is highly carcinogenic. So if one is taking extra estrogen from birth control pills or taking traditional postmenopausal hormone replacements the risk for breast cancer is tremendously increased.

If you want to reduce your exposure to breast cancer the recommendations are clear: Avoid exposure to any possible chemicals, especially pesticides. Eat organic food whenever possible. Use estrogen only if guided by a natural medicine physician, as there are times when it is indicated in the short term.

Stop all birth control pills as soon as you finish the current cycle. Consider using a sauna regularly to raise your body temperature, which will help evaporate out the chemicals that you are storing in your fat tissues. Traditional saunas work, but infrared saunas can be purchased for your home and work even better.

I personally use one several times a week to keep my system free from these residues. If anyone is interested in one of these saunas for home use, you may e-mail me for further information.

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