Why are Mercury Fillings Still Legal? Just Look at How Dow Corning Proposed

Reuters reported that Dow Corning, developer of silicon-based materials, announced on February 18 that it had proposed a new $4.4 billion breast implant settlement plan, with $3 billion targeted specifically at resolving breast implant claims and $1.4 billion for commercial claims. According to a Dow Corning press release posted on PR Newswire, the 16-year settlement plan presents 15 different settlement options, which range in payouts from $1,000 to $200,000, depending on the level of severity and disability, or more for women with uninsured medical bills that exceed the settlement amount. In addition, Dow Corning said that it will establish a Medical Procedures Program that covers future costs for women who wish to have their implants removed, and to undergo breast reconstruction surgery. The company increased the proposed payout to women outside of the US to up to 60%. The company said that women may choose to accept a settlement plan or proceed with litigation against all parties.

COMMENT: There are only a few hundred thousand women who are involved in this silicone breast implant litigation and the settlement is in the billions of dollars. I was actually quite surprised to see this as I thought Dow had declared bankruptcy to avoid the suite. In six countries in Europe, it is illegal to put in silver amalgam (mercury) fillings. If you are a dentist and put that in someone's mouth you go to jail. It is illegal to put this material in a pregnant woman in California and it was almost outlawed in Canada last year. I believe the main reason it is still legal in this country is the enormous amount of litigation that would result if the public ever became fully informed of the truth of mercury's toxicity. There are probably over 200 MILLION people who could file claims, not 200 THOUSAND. The claims would be in the trillions of dollars and most likely shut down dentistry.

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