Calcium Channel Blockers Also Increase Suicide Risk by Over 500%

According to the results of two studies conducted in Sweden, the use of calcium channel blockers is associated with an increased risk of suicide. The increased suicide risk linked to use of calcium channel blockers would seem independent of cardiovascular comorbidity.. After controlling for age and sex, the researchers found that the suicide risk in users of calcium channel blockers was 5.4 times higher than in users of the other drugs. Previous research has suggested that the use of calcium channel blockers increases the risk of depression. This effect may constitute a link with risk of suicide. Calcium channel blockers easily penetrate the blood-brain barrier, and that they may thus interfere with neurones and receptors involved in the regulation of mood.

British Medical Journal 1998;316:741-745

COMMENT: If these drugs don't cause a heart attack they will dramatically increase your risk of suicide. Suicide is an end point many people do not reach. I suspect that large numbers of people are suffering from depression from being on these medications. It really is very sad as I fully believe depression is one of the worst illnesses that one could possibly have. There are not many conditions that are so painful that would cause you to take your own life. Life is challenging enough, do we really need to make it worse with medications that are not needed? Again, if you, or anyone you care for, are on these drugs please read the comments in the above section. You need to have them replaced. This is really a life and death issue. DO NOT DELAY!!

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