Candida Treatment

Dave writes: In a recent newsletter you talked about treating food poisoning from Norwalk-like viruses by using high doses of good bacteria like acidophilus every hour to change the local environment and force out the organisms.  Is this likely to work for a systemic Candida infection?

DM COMMNENT: Good bacteria are only part of the treatment. Rigid adherence to the guidelines outlined in Read This First on my web site at is the first step. I rarely find it necessary to use drug antifungals for yeast.

I have seen them cause far more problems than they solve as they lead to resistant strains of yeast that are very difficult to eradicate. One cannot have ANY sugar or grains at all on the program and should also eliminate all fruit until the symptoms resolve. If this does not work, I usually use oil of oregano (ADP from Biotics) at high doses while continuing the program.

The most severe cases I have seen usually seem to be related to mercury amalgam fillings. Once the fillings are removed and the mercury is properly detoxified the person generally has a dramatic improvement. I will be publishing my protocol on mercury detoxification shortly. I wrote it with Dr. Klinghardt and once it is accepted for publication I will post it on my web site.

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