Centenarians Double in US in 1990s

The number of Americans living 100 years or longer has nearly doubled during the past decade, according to a new study released by the US Census Bureau. According to the study, approximately 37,000 Americans were 100 years of age or older in 1990 compared with approximately 70,000 today. If this rate of increase continues, authors estimate that the number of centenarians in the country will reach 834,000 by the middle of the 21st century. The study also shows that 80% of centenarians are female, according to the NIH statement. Internationally, the US appears to have the highest proportion of centenarians among residents ages 85 and older.

COMMENT: The challenge will be to make it to 100 with a functioning brain that is working close to the way it was working during young adult hood. I believe that by following many of the recommendations in this newsletter, one can make it there. I hope to be one of the million 100-year-old people in the middle of the 21st century, and I pray to have a brain that is functioning close to the way it is now.

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