Exposure to Chlorinated Water May Increase Risk of Stillbirth

Exposure to trihalomethanes, byproducts of chlorination in drinking water, may be associated with an increased risk of stillbirth. The relative risk of stillbirth was 1.66 when the average trihalomethane level during pregnancy was 100 mcg/L or greater. Under Canadian guidelines, drinking water is supposed to contain no more than 100 mcg/L of trihalomethanes.

Epidemiology May 1999;10:233-237.

COMMENT: There is virtually no reason why anyone should drink chlorinated tap water. Chlorine does an outstanding job of decreasing the infectious agents in water. It is very similar to the bag that you place your vegetables in on the way home from the store. The bag serves a useful purpose, just like the chlorine, but you will not eat the bag once you are ready to eat the produce. You will of course discard it. This is exactly what one should do with the chlorine. Chlorine in the water can only hurt you. It is NOT an essential nutrient. The other issue is the chlorinated by-products in the water, which this study addresses. It is so simple to remove these items with a filter. You can review the Read This First Page for my filter recommendations. Just remember, it is also wise to drink your water at room temperature, not ice cold. It is also wise to drink either before your meal or after, not during the meal.

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