Chocoholics Similar to Other Addicts

Chocoholics suffer greater anxiety, guilt, restlessness, frustration, and depression when exposed to chocolate than non-chocoholics -- which means that chocolate addiction is a lot like drug addiction or alcoholism. The self-styled "chocolate addicts" also ate more than twice as much chocolate as the non-addicts -- 112 grams compared to 45 grams. The chocolate addicts showed more aberrant eating behaviors and attitudes than non-addicts, and were more likely to engage in bulimic types of behaviors, the researchers reported. And the study findings indicated that they were also significantly more depressed.

International Journal of Eating Disorders 1999;25:169-175.

COMMENT: A previous newsletter documented the benefit of tryptophan for bulimia and it might be helpful for someone addicted to chocolate. I have recently hired a thought field therapist to work in our office. Thought field therapy is a marvelous tool to help people quickly resolve their food addictions. If you are not familiar with this form of psychotherapy, you can look on my more articles section on my web page. Thought field therapy works on normalizing the energetic dysfunctions that allow the addiction to persist. It is most impressive and seems to be permanent. I employ a therapist in our office who works wonders with this effective therapy.

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