Association Between Type 1 Diabetes And Hib Vaccine

Dr. Classen found that the potential risk of the HiB vaccine exceeds the potential benefit. He compared a group that received four doses of the vaccine, a group that received one dose, and a group that was not vaccinated. The cumulative incidence of diabetes per 100 000 in the three groups receiving four, one, and no doses of the vaccine was 261, 237, and 207 at age 7 and 398, 376, and 340 at age 10 respectively. Sharp rises in diabetes have been recorded in the United States and the United Kingdom after the introduction of the haemophilus vaccine. Public health officials want to avoid scaring the public, but they risk depriving damaged children of compensation. Denials of safety issues may erode public confidence, especially since diabetes induced by the vaccine may be avoided by starting vaccination a few weeks earlier.

J Barthelow Classen, president. Classen Immunotherapies, 6517 Montrose Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21212, USA and David C Classen, infectious disease physician. Division of Infectious Diseases, LDS Hospital, Salt Lake City, UT

British Medical Journal October 23, 1999;319:1133

COMMENT: Dr. Classen is one of the leaders in providing hard scientific data that support the damage that these vaccines are doing to our children. He is to be commended for his efforts. What health authorities do not tell you is that it is the optimized functioning of your immune system that prevents these infections, not some potentially lethal immunization.

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