Eating Plan Even Works to Prevent Major Abdominal Surgery In Two Year Old

This past Thursday, I had my second visit with a family who brought their two-year-old child to see me for the first time last month. He was referred to me by a physical therapist who was also seeing him for weak muscle development.

His primary problem was he was not able to keep any food down. He would throw up after every food that the parents would feed him. The parents had taken him to the University of Chicago who were ready to perform surgery on him to correct what they thought was a stomach that was too small. He was scheduled for surgery the week following my visit.

The parents spoke very little English so I relied quite a bit on my office staff to translate for me. However, I was able to convince the parents to delay the surgery for one month and give the diet a try.

Sure enough when I saw him four weeks later his problem was completely resolved and he was able to cancel the surgery. It was one of the highlights of my week to be able to snatch another one out of the scalpels of the surgeons.

Traditional medicine had failed to relieve this child’s throwing up in two years of efforts and was willing to cut into his belly to repair it.  It is so sad that they just do not understand simple basics of how the body works.

This child was throwing up, as his little body did not want the food that he was receiving.  He was being fed milk and wheat and plenty of grains. As soon as he went off of those foods, his problem resolved.

Believe me, there is no way this child could fake this. His body was telling the truth and confirming what I have come to appreciate over the past three years: grains are not healthy for most people. Sugar and milk are even worse.

The child’s parents decided they would celebrate his two-year birthday with a half a fork full of birthday cake. You only get one guess to determine the result. Of course, he threw it up. Yes, the diet is hard, but it corrects the underlying problem and is inexpensive to follow.

The parents were absolutely full of joy that they had the problem resolved and were able to avoid a needless surgery on their son.

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