One Out of Every Ten Patients Admitted to the ICU Because of a Doctor Related Side Effect

The percentage of hospital intensive care unit (ICU) admissions linked to prescription drug side-effects or complications from medical procedures has remained unchanged since 1980. Incidences like these are still a major cause of hospitalization in the ICU, accounting for 11% of admissions. The French authors conclude that, "despite 25 years of experience with high-technology medicine, iatrogenic disease still has a negative impact on the health and resources of society."

Archives of Internal Medicine January 11, 1999;159:71-78

COMMENT: For the past 25 years one out of every ten patients admitted to the ICU was there because of a doctor related side effect. DO NOT forget that number. It is absolutely consistent with the fact that doctor prescribed drugs are the FOURTH leading cause of death in this country. Traditional medicine really is NOT traditional medicine. The type of medical paradigm practiced in this country is really a new age form of alternative medicine that relies on chemicals and surgery to treat illness. This model works exceptionally well for acute emergencies but is an unmitigated disaster when it comes to chronic illness. What traditional medicine calls "alternative medicine" is the true traditional medicine. Natural therapies are the most common form of medical therapy in the world and have been used for thousands of years. They are NOT the alternative they are the real medicine. I am firmly convinced that American medicine actually kills more patients every day than they save. This clearly is not their intent, but intention does little to comfort the families of those that are devastated by this paradigm.

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