Experts Debate Safety Of Genetically Modified Potatoes

Controversy surrounds reports from the UK on the possible toxicity of genetically modified (GM) potatoes with scientists hotly debating both the science and the results of new studies. On one side are the investigators looking into the possible effects of GNA -- an insect and worm resistance factor (or lectin) found in GM potatoes -- on rat intestines and human blood cells. Researchers write that few studies have been carried out on the possible effects of GM products on (mammals). Researchers report that GNA causes widespread changes in the stomach and intestines of rats fed a diet of raw or boiled GM potatoes for only 10 days. They attribute the changes to the GNA and to other unknown changes its insertion may have created in the potato's genetic makeup. The investigators suggest that similar powerful biological effects may also apply to GM plants containing similar (genes).

The Lancet 1999;354:1353-1355, 1314-1316

COMMENT: Last week, Monsanto announced that it was stopping its terminator gene technology, which is encouraging news. Folks, this genetically modified food is a disaster waiting to happen. You would be best advised avoiding these foods, as it seems highly likely it will clearly demonstrate that there are health risks associated with it. Following the basic diet listed under Read This First will help significantly as currently one-third to one-half of all corn and soybeans grown in this country are genetically modified. These are both excluded foods on the program.

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