France Bans Sale Of Coca-Cola Products

Coca-Cola Company on June 15 withdrew its products from Belgian stores, and the French government banned the sale of some Coca-Cola drinks after scores of Belgian children fell ill after consuming the products.  Coca-Cola said that it would pull a million of its canned and bottled drinks off selected European markets. Coca-Cola said that it believed that cans of Coke canned for Belgian consumers at the Dunkirk plant contained a fungicide used to treat shipping pallets.

COMMENT: Not only is Coke (and all soda) one of the more toxic foods on the planet, but they made sure it would devastate the Belgians by adding a dose of a potent fungicide to their beverage. Now if France could permanently ban the sale of Coke, and all other sodas, they would go a long way towards improving the health of their country.  Drinking soda regularly, diet or regular sugar soda, is one of the most damaging things that one can do to their long-term health.

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