Genetically Modified Crops Worry Some Scientists

Genetically modified food crops have generated some concerns such as unexpected changes in the altered plants could cause allergic or toxic reactions in humans. Or that the viral vectors used to change the plant's genes may cause human disease. Crop plants contain many compounds that have the potential to damage human health, and even conventional plant breeding has on more than one occasion come close to producing plant varieties that could pose serious health risks. Foreign proteins that have never been in the human food chain will soon be consumed in large amounts.

It took us 60 years to realize that DDT might have oestrogenic activities and affect humans, but we are now being asked to believe that everything is OK with (genetically modified) foods because we haven't seen any dead bodies yet.

Nature April 22,1999;398:651-656

Dr. Mercola's Comment:

I believe it would be wise to avoid genetically engineered foods if at all possible. There may be nothing wrong with them; but it would seem the better side of prudence to limit your exposure to them. They were not designed with your health in mind.

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