Inhaled Steroids for Mild to Moderate COPD Questioned

Investigators report that 3 years of inhaled corticosteroid use had no effect on lung function decline in a cohort of patients with mild to moderate Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD.)

Lancet May 29,1999;353:1819-1823.

Dr. Mercola's Comment:

Based on these findings, physicians should not start inhaled corticosteroids in patients with mild and moderate COPD. Not only do they not work, but they will also cause osteoporosis and increase the risk of diabetes, hypertension and cataracts. They should also be strictly avoided for asthma as there are so many better options. I would search my web site for past newsletters on asthma.

One of the most exciting is the injection of a small amount of local anesthetic (similar to what a dentist would use to numb your tooth) that is injected into a muscle on the side of each shoulder which is absolutely fabulous for improving shortness of breath in asthma. The treatment usually is only required a few times and is generally effective in providing long term improvement.

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