Low Calcium Intake Raises Kids Lead Poisoning Risk

Increased calcium intake can be a key factor in protecting young children from lead contamination.

Lead was used as an ingredient in US gasoline and paint until a ban on its use in the early 1970s. This means that many homes built before that time contain leaded paint, which can be ingested in the form of dust or small flakes. Lead poisoning is especially harmful to children, affecting neurological and intellectual development.

Environmental Health Perspectives  June 1999;107:431-435.

Dr. Mercola's Comment:

If you live in the city and are at high risk of lead exposure, it would be seem prudent to add a calcium supplement to your child?s program. I, of course, do not recommend milk as a source of calcium. Calcium supplements are helpful as many children will not consume the vegetables that should supply their supply of calcium and other vital minerals.

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