Mercury Reaches Brain Directly Through Nerves

Despite its inability to pass through the brain's protective barrier by way of the blood circulation, studies in fish suggest that mercury, which is toxic to brain cells, can travel directly to the brain through nerves. According to the research team, this is the first study to establish that mercury can enter the brain via nerves. The finding can be extrapolated to humans, as nerve transport also occurs in mammals, including humans. The investigators exposed brown trout and rainbow trout to mercury by adding it to the water surrounding them. The researchers also injected fish with solutions containing mercury, and then looked for mercury in their bodies using a technique called whole-body autoradiography.

Environmental Science and Technology October 1, 1999;33.

Dr. Mercola's Comment:

It is great to see this study hit the peer-reviewed literature but the investigators are terribly confused as they are not the first to report this finding. Dr. Klinghardt has been teaching this in his courses for well over one decade. He and I have just completed a 25-page paper with over 125 references on mercury detoxification.

It is likely the most definitive text in the world on the subject. I am very excited about completing this paper as we have been working on it for over one year. I will be submitting a 5,000-word abstract of the article to Lancet for publication. As soon as it is accepted for publication, I will publish the full article in my newsletter. It will also appear in several parts in the Townsend Letter.

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