MMR Immunization Can Lead To Autism and Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Researchers at the Royal Free Hospital and School of Medicine in London believe they have discovered a new childhood syndrome characterized by a previously unseen type of inflammatory bowel disease and psychiatric problems, including behavioral disorders and autism. The research team write that in most cases, the onset of symptoms was after measles, mumps, and rubella immunization -- suggesting that measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccination may play a role in the development of the syndrome.

The UK research team studied 12 children, with an average age of about 6 years, who had developed normally, according to their parents, and then lost an acquired skill such as language. The team reports that all of the children were found to have intestinal disorders. Nine of them were also diagnosed with autism, one with "disintegrative psychosis," and two with "possible post viral or vaccinal encephalitis." In eight cases, according to the report, the parents or the child's physician noticed problems soon after the child received the MMR vaccine.

The research team, lead by gastroenterologist Dr. Andrew Wakefield, has subsequently investigated a further 40 patients. In their article, they say that 39 of these patients exhibited the same combination of intestinal and behavioral symptoms. Virological studies are underway to further prove this association.

The Lancet (1998;351:611-612, 637-641)

COMMENT: Dr. Wakefield is a brilliant physician. I had an opportunity to hear his presentation last September when he was on the east coast. You can obtain a copy of this by calling 219-465- 1234 and asking for the tape by Dr. Wakefield, I believe it is tape number three from the First International Conference on Vaccination.

You might also want to order Dr. Hyde's presentation on Hepatitis B Vaccine injuries. I also found that fascinating. It was the first evidence I had heard of the devastating consequences of this disease. Dr. Hyde has compiled some incredible data. I will guarantee you nearly every traditional physician will dismiss this study. I can also tell you that I am absolutely convinced of the association. I have personally treated at least six children with autism where there was absolutely a clear link. The child was absolutely 100% normal until they got the MMR vaccine.

The decision not to vaccinate is a very difficult for most parents to make. It was the last thing that I finally gave up when entering natural medicine. I can not encourage you enough to review the evidence before you make a decision. There are many books and web sites that review this issue. Just search the web with your favorite search engine. This small investment in time could make an enormous difference in your child's health. I will also post an article at the end of the newsletter that goes into more detail on this issue. It is written by Dr. Harold Butram who is the senior associate of a good friend of mine, Dr. Bill Kracht in Pennsylvania.

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