Mobile Phone Electromagnetic Fields Increase Resting Blood Pressure

German investigators report that exposure to electromagnetic fields during mobile phone use may increase resting blood pressure. Exposure of the right hemisphere to a radio-frequency electromagnetic field for 35 min causes an increase in sympathetic efferent activity with increases in resting blood pressure between 5 and 10 mm Hg, most likely due to more pronounced vasoconstriction.

Lancet June 20, 1998;351:1857-1858.

COMMENT: The brain is a incredibly sensitive organ. It is highly susceptible to electromagnetic fields. Cellular phones are a disaster waiting to happen. They should be reserved for emergencies only. I am highly confident that the future will more clearly reveal all the damage that these phones cause. Most people purchase "packages" on their cell phone service which gives them a set number of "free" minutes per month and they feel they are wasting it if they don't use it. I would encourage you to change your package and take the pay as you go plan. You can reduce your phone bill to well below $30 per month and save your brain from this damage. I try to limit my cell phone use to two or three minutes per month.

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