The Power of Prayer

I had a very interesting visit from a new patient last week that was such a clear illustration of the power of prayer and the absolute insanity of conventional medicine that I had to share it. It seems that God has opened up the windows of heaven and poured out a blessing that is overflowing on my practice. Unfortunately, there are some side effects to this blessing. My new patient appointments are two to four months away now. This seriously limits acutely sick patients from seeing me immediately. Last week, Kathy Parrish called to schedule an appointment to see me. She lived about four to five hours away in a small farm community the middle of Illinois. She was concerned of a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis she had just received. She called to make an appointment but could not get in to see me for six weeks. When she hung up the phone, she was absolutely confident that her prayer would be answered and she would get in sooner. She did not have one microdoubt in her brain. She did not relay this information to our new patient coordinator. Within the hour, another patient who was scheduled to see me in four days called to cancel and she was able to get in. I don’t know why I am so amazed every time I see answered prayer, but I am. Every day there are miracles that occur that go unnoticed by most of us.

The other amazing part of this story is the absurd and reprehensible actions of her local doctor which caused her to seek the visit. Her local doctor did a series of tests on her for some recent onset of fatigue that indicated she has an elevated rheumatoid factor. She had NO joint pains. He immediately suggested, even demanded, that she go on methotrexate for this lab abnormality. Methotrexate is a very powerful anti-cancer drug that is used in severe, incapacitating rheumatoid arthritis. He attempted to scare her by telling her that they caught the problem early and it was like a monster in the closet and he had the key to keep it there with this dangerous drug. She resisted but did consent for him to give her an injectable steroid drug which made her very sick.

This doctor, like many others, had no clue on how the body works. I fully believe he is a danger to his community and should have his license removed. These types of drugs are never used for someone who has no symptoms. Kathy wisely resisted the methotrexate. The other incredible aspect of this story is that it was the doctor’s advice, again, who caused her to have the symptoms in the first place. Two years ago, Kathy had a slightly elevated cholesterol level so he put her on a very low fat diet. Ever since that time, her energy level had decreased. Finally, two years after depriving herself of essential nutrition and eating far too many carbohydrates, her body gave in and she had progressively increasing fatigue.

Not all of the patients who see me are this easy to get back to health. All she needed to do was go on the diet and start some natural progesterone for the menopause for which she was entering. She was so healthy I did not even need to see her for a follow-up visit. Amazing, just amazing.

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