If You Are Younger Than 45 -- Your Number One Risk Of Dying Is Being Treated By A Doctor!

It occurred to me that it would be wise to review the Center for Disease Control?s (CDC) current data on what exactly is killing people in this country. It did not take very long to find the CDC?s web site and pull up the table with the information.

You can view the URL that I found and come to the your own conclusions. The URL is listed below. When I first viewed it, I said great this is not what I need as I was looking for tabular statistics on the causes of death for a quick answer. However, God must have been smiling on me to have me find this table. The data is broken into age groups, which I would have never thought of doing.

Many know that I am fond of saying that physicians are the fourth leading cause of death in this country. However, that is for the entire country. If we break the data down we find that if you are older than one year old and less than 35, the CDC?s most current data from 1997 shows that your highest risk of death is an encounter with the medical system.

The specific category is termed ?Unintentional injection and adverse effects.? This is a euphemism for medical mistakes and drug deaths. When one factors in the new data from the Institute of Medicine, it is safe to assume that the medical mistakes pushes doctor caused deaths from number two to number one in the 35 to 45 year old category.

I do not have access to the raw data, but it is also likely the 45-55 year old group may also be pushed up to number one as doctor caused deaths are currently rated number three. This is MAJOR news. To the best of my knowledge this has not been openly publicized before. No one can dispute the data as it is from the U.S. Public Health Service own web site. This is the real McCoy.

However, I believe that the situation is even worse than quoted. It is my contention that the current medical paradigm in this country is the number one cause of death in this country for everyone, when one factors in the largest contributor to disease, which is medicine?s lack of awareness of the most foundational causes of illness. Their ignorance of these principles allows patients to ignore the underlying cause of disease and suffer the premature death, disability and suffering from ignoring these principles. Understanding how food can modify illness is of course what I am relating to. It has very little to do with supplements and herbs, even though the simple administration of 400 units of vitamin E has been shown repeatedly to reduce the incidence of heart disease by over 80% and is not being recommended.

It has everything to do with cutting down on grains, milk, juice, soda and increasing vegetables. This is the key to staying healthy and reversing illness on a physical level. Exercise is also a player, although not as potent an influence. Of course, the emotional and spiritual are also huge contributors to illness.

Then you can take responsibility for your own health and seek out to identify health care professionals who will coach you in identifying the root causes of your illness, rather than giving you band-aids which have a high probability of permanently impairing or killing you.

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