One in 20,000 Eggs Contain Salmonella

One out of every 20,000 eggs sold in the US contains salmonella bacteria, and such contaminated eggs cause more than 800,000 cases of human food poisoning every year, according to estimates released on June 5 by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). Salmonella-related food poisoning has been increasing since 1976 despite efforts by the egg industry to limit the bacteria, and the USDA report is part of an ongoing effort by food safety experts to determine better ways to prevent egg-related illness. About 94% of people recover from salmonella food poisoning without medical attention, but 5% of people see a doctor, 0.5% are hospitalized and 0.05% die because of the bacteria. Those who are particularly vulnerable are infants, the elderly, pregnant women, transplant patients, and those with weakened immune systems -- about 20% of the population.

COMMENT: Unless you are allergic to eggs, you should eat them regularly. Do not eat them every day or you will develop an allergy to them. I strongly recommend purchasing only organic eggs to avoid the salmonella issue. The risk of salmonella is tremendously decreased in organically raised chickens. If you should ever come down with salmonella diarrhea, immediately use an acidophilus preparation. My personal preference is Flora Source (issue #47). The key is to use it every hour until you are better. I have literally seen it work dozens of times. If you are not better in a few days, you should see your doctor for a stool culture as you might need an antibiotic to kill the infection.

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