Lawmakers Push to Kick Sodas out of School Cafeterias

US Congressional Lawmakers said May 7 that too many schools have tossed aside good nutrition and are now offering students sodas with their lunch - often a free treat provided by soft drink companies. "It is not unlike the old days when tobacco companies passed out free cigarettes," said Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-VT. "Our national school lunch program should be promoting the consumption of milk and other wholesome foods, not soft drinks," added Rep. Maurice Hank, D-N.Y.

Lawmakers, many of whom hailed from dairy states, introduced a bill May 7 that would close what they call a loophole in laws that prohibit the national school lunch program from allowing the sale of foods of "minimal nutritional value," such as soft drinks and sugar candies, during federally-funded meals. Schools that have vending machines now are required under the law to discontinue their use during breakfast and lunch.

Lawmakers charge that soda companies are avoiding the law by distributing their product to some schools free. The proposal would ban the free lunchtime distribution of sodas and other snacks.

Dr. Mercola's Comment:

I am absolutely amazed that the US Congress would have enough common sense to introduce legislation that would kick sodas out of the school. I had not realized that the soda companies were functioning like drug pushers and giving their product away at school to get their victims hooked so they or their victim’s parents would purchase this pernicious product. Soda in the school will clearly increase brain dysfunction and the rate of ADHD.

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