Surgeon General Prescribes less TV

Citing epidemic obesity levels among US children, Surgeon General Dr. David Satcher called April 21 for parents to limit the amount of time their children spend watching television.

At a Washington press conference, Satcher and Under Secretary of Agriculture for Food, Nutrition, and Consumer Services Shirley R. Watkins announced their support of National TV Turnoff Week, which runs from April 22 to 28. The campaign is run by TV-Free America, a nonprofit group that encourages Americans to reduce their TV viewing.

Studies by Nielsen Media Research show that the average American watches 3 hours and 43 minutes of television each day, which adds up to 56 days of nonstop TV per year.


There are still a few more days left to honor National TV Turnoff Week. I never heard of this event, but I think it is a marvelous idea. I appreciate the most current numbers which show that most people watch nearly FOUR hours of TV per day. What a waste!!

And one wonders why incidents like the Colorado massacre happen. I am certain that TV had a role and you and your family would be best served by having your goal to eliminate this hugely negative influence in our lives.

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