FDA Approves Surgical Glue

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a "super glue" adhesive this week that can be used instead of staples or sutures to close superficial incisions and lacerations. The product "forms a film over the wound and gradually falls off as the skin heals. Cuts that are more than skin deep will require suturing before DermaBond can be used to close the
skin wound edges. The adhesive has been approved for use in Europe since January.

COMMENT: I first used "krazy glue" to repair facial wounds when it was published about 15 years ago. However, it takes many years to finally obtain FDA approval. Of course the newer material works a lot better than the original krazy glue did but they are both variations of cyanacrylates and will do the job. So, in a pinch you can use krazy glue as home as long as the wound is not very deep. It works incredibly well for superficial wounds that are not bleeding.

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