Vegetables May Cut Breast Cancer Risk

Researchers have published preliminary study results showing that intake of specific foods correlates with levels of oxidative DNA damage in the blood. The greatest reductions in DNA damage levels occurred with increased consumption of vegetables, especially cooked vegetables.

People who ate more beef and pork showed higher DNA damage levels.

Everyone has damaged DNA from which cancer can potentially develop. The question is whether or not a healthier diet can reduce or repair the damaged DNA levels.

And this study shows that eating more vegetables and fruits while eating meats in moderation has a positive effect.

Journal of the American Dietetic Association (1998;98:524-528)

Dr. Mercola's Comment:

No surprise here. Eating the vegetables and avoiding pork and animals that were fed grains that were sprayed with pesticides is a sure way to damage your DNA. More "scientific" support for the recommendations in newsletter #45

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