Vitamin E Lowers Prostate Cancer Risk

"Prostate cancer is one of the most common malignant tumors in the North American and European populations. " Vitamin E supplementation can protect against prostate cancer, according to a Finnish study. The incidence of prostate cancer, and the death rate from the disease, were significantly lower among male smokers who took vitamin E supplements than among those who did not. The incidence of prostate cancer diagnosis was 32% lower among men who took vitamin E, whether alone or with beta-carotene, than among those who did not. The death rate from the disease was 41% lower among men who took vitamin E. Long-term daily supplementation with 50 mg of (vitamin E) was associated with a substantial reduction in incidence of and mortality from prostate cancer.

Journal of the National Cancer Institute (1998;90:414-415, 440-446)

Dr. Mercola's Comment:

Vitamin E is probably one vitamin that nearly ejveryone would benefit from taking. The only situation I know where it will make a chronic disease worse is in certain brain damaged children, like some types of autism, when accumulations of long chain fats requires oxidation to remove them which will be impaired by vitamin E. This is an uncommon problem so, for the most part, all of us would benefit from taking vitamin E. I have found that a company called A.C.

Grace that makes Unique Vitamin E probably has one of the best brands of vitamin E on the market. Nearly all vitamin E is manufactured from soybeans and sold to vitamin companies by Eastman Kodak or Henkle. They sell various grades of vitamin E. Unique is made from the highest grade and is not synthetic. It also uses a mixture of the tocopherols, not just d-alpha. Unfortunately, the product is generally not sold in health food stores and is typically available only in doctor's offices.


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