Vitamin E May Reduce Lung Cancer Risk in Smokers

High levels of alpha-tocopherol, a form of vitamin E, in the blood appear to reduce the risk of developing lung cancer in smokers by about 20%. The researchers report that high alpha-tocopherol serum levels at the beginning of the study, high dietary intake of alpha-tocopherol and high dietary intake of vitamin E were associated with a lower lung cancer risk. The researchers attribute the decrease in cancer to vitamin E's antioxidant properties and anticancer properties.

The researchers report that the men most likely to experience a benefit from high serum levels of alpha-tocopherol included those younger than 60, men who had smoked for less than 40 years and men who took vitamin E supplements containing alpha-tocopherol during the study. The findings reinforce the importance of adequate vitamin E status to lung cancer risk, particularly among smokers, and that supplementation may have provided the higher dosages possibly required for inhibition of the cell pathways that lead to cancer.

Journal of the National Cancer Institute October 20,1999;91:1738-1743.

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