Vitamins Lower Colon Cancer Risk

People who are long-term users of Vitamin E may lower their risk of colon cancer by 57%, research results show. The new findings from the University of Washington School of Medicine also indicate that a multivitamin taken daily may cut the risk of the disease by half. The rationale behind the study comes from substantial evidence that vegetable intake and fiber intake reduce the risk of colon cancer, and it's possible that some substance in vegetables such as micronutrients might be responsible for the reduced risk.

The researchers found that almost all of the supplements they looked at were associated with a reduced risk of colon cancer, but the major associations were found with multivitamin use and with Vitamin E. For those who took multivitamins daily over 10 years, the risk was reduced by 51%, compared with those who did not take such supplements. And for Vitamin E, when taken on average at 200 international units (IU) per day, the odds of developing colon cancer was lowered by 57%.

Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers, and Prevention (1997;6:769-774)

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