Antidepressants and Violence

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This shocking compilation of video clips will show you the negative side effects of antidepressants. They have caused suicides, violence, and homicidal actions even to the point of school shootings. In addition, they can lead to addiction and serious withdrawal symptoms.  Discretion advised..
Dr. Mercola's Comments:

Depression, or more accurately, un-repaired emotional short-circuiting, can absolutely devastate your health and life. However, using antidepressants as the primary (or only) treatment option is simply not advisable, especially if the one suffering from depression is a child or teenager.

Whereas severe depression can indeed progress to suicide if left untreated, antidepressant drugs have been shown to CAUSE both suicidal and homicidal thoughts and behaviors. Seven out of the last 12 school shootings were done by children who were either on antidepressants, or going through withdrawal.

UK banned nearly all antidepressants in kids in 2004, due to the increased risk of suicide. The United States, however, is still allowing Big Pharma to rake in the profits from these deadly, mind-altering drugs.

Antidepressants Work as Well as a Placebo

Various studies have found that up to 75 percent of the benefits of antidepressants could be duplicated by a placebo. So not only do these drugs not work as advertised, but the evidence is quite clear that most of these drugs do in fact increase your risk of suicide and violence. Since depression can be a terminal illness, why would you want to take a drug that would actually increase your risk of killing yourself?

Antidepressants can also harm your immune system, and raise your risk of type 2 diabetes by two to three times in high-risk groups.

There are many antidepressant drugs on the market that are of concern, including:

  • Prozac
  • Paxil
  • Effexor
  • Celexa
  • Remeron
  • Lexapro
  • Luvox
  • Serzone
  • Wellbutrin

Most of these antidepressants are known to affect the brain chemical serotonin, which helps regulate mood, but although antidepressants fill a small but important niche, they do not in any way, shape or form treat the cause of your problem.

How to Treat the Root Cause of Your Problem

Like many of you, I have been personally affected by depression. Someone very near and dear to me suffered from this problem many years ago, and actually made several unsuccessful suicide attempts that were really devastating.  Multiple visits in and out of psych hospitals followed for quite some time. Medications and inpatient care were a terrible failure as they never addressed the underlying cause of the depression.  This happened just as I was beginning to learn about energy medicine.  I'm quite confident I would have been able to help reach a more favorable outcome, more quickly, if I knew then what I know now.

Ultimately, it was energetic techniques that assisted this person in full recovery from depression.  A very advanced form of cranial osteopathy was admistered by a skilled physician.  However, my new favorite tool is energy psychology. Learning how to use an energy psychology tool like the Emotional Freedom Technique can make an enormous difference if you suffer from depression or any other kind of emotional dysfunction

This energy psychology tool is one of the most powerful methods I know of, and really is a crucial element of a successful treatment program.

For serious problems, it would be prudent to not treat yourself with EFT but to contact a health care professional who is trained in the technique. Gary Craig has compiled a helpful list of guidelines and practitioners that you can refer to.

I strongly believe that energy psychology is the single most important tool to resolve the issue, but its effectiveness will certainly be significantly improved if it can be combined with an appropriate Nutritional Type diet, along with dramatically lowered intake of sugar and processed foods.

Omega-3 fats are another powerful essential, so make sure you take a high-quality fish oil or krill oil. If you haven't read Dr. Stoll's book on this subject, I highly recommend it. He is an enlightened Harvard psychiatrist who has written an outstanding book on the topic of treating depression with omega-3.

Additionally, start an exercise program today, as it is clearly one of the best-kept secrets for depression. In one study, which involved 80 adults aged 20 to 45 years who were diagnosed with mild to moderate depression, researchers looked at exercise alone to treat the condition and found:

  • Depressive symptoms were cut almost in half in those individuals who participated in 30-minute aerobic exercise sessions, three to five times a week after 12 weeks
  • Those who exercised with low-intensity for three and five days a week showed a 30 percent reduction in symptoms
  • Participants who did stretching flexibility exercises 15 to 20 minutes three days a week averaged a 29 percent decline
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