How Can Bau-Biologie Keep You and Your Home Healthy?

bau-biologie, building biology, building for lifeHave you ever spent time in a building that embraced and nurtured you... body and soul, one that awakened and delighted your senses?

Imagine being in a forest, near a gently flowing clear mountain stream. The sun is shining and its rays warm your face. A fragrant breeze lightly brushes your skin as your footsteps trod upon the soft loam of the earth beneath your feet.

You can experience these sensations once again when you enter your own home or office, provided it has been built in accordance with the laws of nature.

In order for you to be truly natural and healthy, your homes need to supply you with adequate opportunity to rest and relax, they need to nurture, as it is only through that, that you can truly recuperate at the end of the day and recharge with the strength to deal with the next day‘s emotional and physical stresses.

From before recorded history human beings have constructed shelters. Though floor space and investment value may factor in, the primary job of every home or office is to create an environment that allows this biological mystery called human life to flourish.

Buildings Are Your Third Skin

We think of our buildings as our third skin -- where our body‘s skin is the first and clothes are the second. Homes and offices are interactions, not just investments. Materials that are not natural don‘t resonate with you, and therefore don‘t nourish you -- they deplete you.

There is an international movement of concerned individuals who are concerned with the environmental factors of the built environment that affect human health. This group is involved with delivering current information regarding environmentally friendly building systems and materials. This group is the International Institute for Bau-Biologie and Ecology (IBE).

bau-biologie, building biology, building for lifeBau-Biologie is the holistic study of the man-made environment, human health and ecology. The intrinsic aspect of IBE is to hold Nature as the golden principle. Building Biology, is not a narrowly specialized subject, but is a living subject that brings together fields of study that are otherwise only taught in isolation.

Bau-Biologie was founded in Germany by a group of professionals from a variety of disciplines concerned about the inability of post-war housing to support health and ecology. IBE was started in North America in 1987, with a mission to raise awareness that buildings can abide by the laws of nature.

Goal of Bau-Biologie and Ecology

The German term "Bau-Biologie" means "building biology" or "building for life." Building Ecology can be defined as the relationship between the building and the environment.

The underlying principle is one of "balance." All materials that come from the natural environment make up the "living structure" and will promote health. When these materials are returned to the natural environment they will cause no harm. Problems occur for people and the environment when synthetic materials and man-made pollutants (chemical and electrical) are introduced.

IBE is in support of "Green Programs" as they promote the removal of all pollutants from the built environment. The IBE Principle sets a new vision of going beyond green by going beyond the standard material, methods and construction practices. The IBE Principle vision integrates ecology and biology with allied health practices. The engineering and energy conservation techniques are combined with the economics of each of these decisions resulting in a sustainability which is healthier for the occupant and the planet.

The IBE mission brings together design methods and technology to provide the information needed to create healthy homes and workplaces. This knowledge will raise awareness, provide tools for solutions, and promote effective ecological practices for our future generations.

We discuss electromagnetic radiation, indoor air quality, and natural, healthy building methods. Our team of experts includes architects, electricians, builders, interior designers, naturopathic physicians, home inspectors, engineers, and may other environmentally concerned individuals.

The steps for a healthier indoor environment are often easy and economical -- join us on your way to creating a healthy indoor environment for you and your family.

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