Ron Paul Explains the Facts to a Foolish Reporter

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In this interview with political commentator and talk show host Laura Ingraham, Ron Paul explains why the Constitution should be followed -- and how unintended consequences are the inevitable effects of current U.S. foreign policy.

In the middle of it, he lets Ingraham know that she is actually unintentionally arguing his own points for him. If you want to hear a man speak with passion and principle, this is the interview you should hear.

Aside from his dedication to principle, there are many reasons why I support Ron Paul, and a major one has to do with his devotion to your health freedom. He believes in:
  • Expanding the ability of Americans to use alternative medicine and new treatments.
  • Opposing legislation that increases the FDA‘s legal powers.
  • The notion that the government should never have the power to require immunizations or vaccinations.
More so than any other presidential candidate, Ron Paul is trying to improve the fatally flawed health paradigm in time to benefit you and your children.

So What Can You Do?

If you agree with Ron Paul‘s message of freedom and liberty then JOIN THE CAUSE!

I have never donated to any politician in my life, but I broke that pattern and contributed to Ron Paul. If you can‘t afford to donate that is no problem. What you CAN do is SPREAD the word.

Search my site for previous Ron Paul videos and send them to ALL your friends and relatives.

There are 1.3 million people that receive this newsletter. We CAN make a HUGE difference. If only a small fraction of you can spread this message in YOUR networks, your communities, and at work, just imagine what we can do.

If you want to show your support for Ron Paul in your neighborhood, you can also get a yard sign.

If you saw the amazing water buffalo video you can start to realize that if we all unite together we really do have a chance to overthrow the lions that are trying to eat us alive.
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