My Favorite Productivity Expert Speaks at Google

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I am a major fan of David Allen‘s Getting Things Done, and credit his work for helping me achieve so many of my goals. It is one of the finest systems I am currently aware of for helping you to get organized and clear your mind.

David Allen‘s approach to managing yourself and your world may be amongst the best productivity advice you ever receive, too. It is profoundly practical, realistic, hands-on, and superbly focused with hundreds of tips, tools, and techniques for improving your personal productivity.

Getting Things Done has turned out to be one of the most important books I’ve ever read in my life.

But if you don’t entirely trust my exuberance for Getting Things Done, just read the nearly 400 reader reviews at Amazon, which are overwhelmingly five-star reviews. In particular, check out the review from Don Mitchell, an Amazon Top-Ten Reviewer, who gave it his highest rating and provided an in-depth overview of the book, including stating that:

"The process advocated by this book is described with lots of systems flow charts that will appeal to all of the engineers and left-brained people. The right-brained people will find lots of discussions about emotions, feelings, and stress. So both types of thinkers should do well with this material."
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