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I Was Right About the Bird Flu Hoax

February 14, 2008

Last year, the number of human cases of avian flu dropped rather than rose for the first time -- from a paltry 115 in 2006 to an even more insignificant 86 in 2007. Frightening headlines warning of a pandemic that could kill 150 million people have all but vanished.

Although some “experts” still argue that preparations against bird flu must continue, many are finally beginning to realize what I said all along -- that this overhyped, oversold “pandemic” was never a threat in the first place. According to Dr. Paul A. Offit, a vaccine specialist at Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia, “H5 viruses have been around for 100 years and never caused a pandemic and probably never will.”

Still, according to this New York Times article, scientists and governments are congratulating themselves for averting a threat that never was by stockpiling worthless vaccines, pointlessly culling hundreds of millions of birds, and pouring money into preparation efforts.

I can only imagine that the flu vaccine manufacturers are laughing all the way to the bank.

The case of “the impending pandemic of the Avian Flu” might as well have been a fictional mini-series made for television, but as usual, reality is stranger than fiction. It would be hard to make up a story as filled with greed and political corruption as this one.

Back in 2005, headlines warned the U.S. was facing a cataclysmic extermination event, with a calculated two million Americans succumbing to the bird flu; the best case scenario taking only 200,000 lives. 

Photos of overflowing hospital wards from the 1918 flu epidemic heightened the fear factor to a fever pitch.

Well. A fool does in the end what the wise man does at the beginning, and this would certainly apply here. Reviewing the scientific facts is often a good place to start, but that did not happen in this case. Somehow they were able to translate the minuscule deaths that had occurred worldwide into somewhere between 200,000 to 2 million deaths from a virus that does NOT readily spread from birds to humans, nor between humans.

Most of the people who acquire the infection were, and still are, bird handlers in continuous contact with sick birds. How did anyone in their right mind envision similar circumstances in the United States? Research like this would typically be thrown in the trash if it did not strongly support some ulterior purpose.

What might that purpose have been?

Try greed.

At $100 per dose, the U.S. used taxpayer’s dollars to purchase some 20 million doses of the highly questionable Tamiflu, lining the pockets of then Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld who was president of Gilead Sciences when they created the drug.

A Dangerous Cure for a Phony Danger

Interestingly, the use of Tamiflu, and the vaccinating of poultry may actually cause the H5N1virus to mutate into more dangerous and potent viral strains.

Since the purported “outbreak” of bird flu, the Tamiflu vaccine has also been linked to the deaths of 12 Japanese children, some of which suddenly jumped out of buildings. Neuropsychiatric incidents in children, including seizures, loss of consciousness, and delirium were linked to the vaccine.

Fools Rush In Where Fools Have Gone Before

In 1976 the U.S. acted out a very similar saga, devising a vaccine program for the impending swine-flu -- the avian flu threat of that time -- where they vaccinated 5 million people. The hastily contrived program for swine flu resulted in hundreds of Guillain-Barre Syndrome paralysis victims and countless deaths for a flu pandemic that never materialized.

So, we’ve been here before.

Which is why countries such as Switzerland -- who have stockpiles of bird flu vaccine that they plan to test on soldiers, police officers and health care workers before deciding whether to offer it to all Swiss citizens -- really should take a good look at the history of what usually happens when you indiscriminately inject questionable vaccines into large groups of people for a disease that doesn’t pose any real threat.

I Was Right About the Bird Flu Hoax

I was so convinced this was a deceptive scam that I wrote an entire book on the subject; The Great Bird Flu Hoax. In it I explained how:

Help Prevent the Flu Without Vaccinations

I have not caught the flu in 20 years, and you can avoid it too, without getting vaccinated, by following these simple guidelines, which will keep your immune system in optimal working order so that you’re far less likely to acquire the infection to begin with.

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