Did You Know Healing Could be So Simple?

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In this great video, Dr. David Holt explains the fundamental workings of how your body begins to heal once emotional blockages are removed. Somewhat counter-intuitively, what appears to be the onset of disease may in fact be just a natural step in your healing process! 

Through the use of the principles of Dr. Geerd Hamer’s German New Medicine, Dr. Holt explains how an astonishing variety of illnesses have an emotional cause -- and an emotional cure.

Dr. Mercola's Comments:

If you believe that your emotional state plays a role in most ailments and diseases that befall you, would you go as far as including heart disease, arthritis, and cancer?

According to Dr. Geerd Hamer’s “German New Medicine,” this is a scientifically provable fact.

The Only Thing New is the Science to Back it Up

The idea that your emotions impact your health and the development of disease is not new. Even the conservative Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has stated that 85 percent of all diseases appear to have an emotional element, but that the actual percentage is likely to be even higher.

Dr. Hamer’s research, which spans across the last three decades, has produced scientific proof indicating that your current health status is due to your mental and emotional reactions to events that take place during your lifetime.

Bruce Lipton’s “New Biology” is another school of scientific thought that adds to this “new” way of thinking about disease.

Like I said. These ideas are not really new.

Bruce Lipton, much like Dr. Hamer, has also been at it for more than 20 years. The only thing “new” here is the fact that they are finally able to provide overwhelming, and in many cases indisputable scientific proof of HOW it actually works – even down to the cellular level.

As it turns out, this is not a popular truth.

People are not embracing these facts with open arms, jumping for joy at being told, “You are completely in charge of your health!” For most, it’s a frightening proposition, despite its promise of ultimate freedom.

Additionally, removing an ingrained medical dogma is difficult, takes time, and comes at a price for those who are willing to advocate it. Dr. Hamer has already served time in prison for refusing to disavow his medical findings, despite the fact that it has an astounding, verifiable, overall success rate of 92 percent.

However, I believe we’re nearing the point of breaking through. Soon, there will be no denying the fact that your physical health is deeply connected to your mental projections and beliefs.

Things May Not Be What They Seem

German New Medicine (GNM), as explained in part in this video, operates under the premise that every disease, including cancer, originates from an unexpected shock experience. This experience does not necessarily have to appear traumatic to others, however; it’s simply shocking and unexpected to you. Someone else may not react or deal with it the same way when put in a similar situation.

According to GNM, the resolution phase – the healing phase -- is as long as the trauma phase, which is why you are recommended to always deal with your emotional trauma as swiftly as possible. The faster you resolve your trauma, mentally and emotionally, the faster your body can proceed through the healing phase.

Now, why is this important?

You want your healing phase to be as short as possible, because GNM also claims that all “diseases” are in fact your body going through the resolution phase, meaning what appears to be a disease is in fact your body healing itself.

Serious trouble can arise if your trauma phase was quite extended, as your body will need the equal amount of time to heal – which will appear as a “disease” -- as it took for the initial damage to take place.

New Solutions For Old Problems

If your emotions play such a significant role in your health, and I’m convinced they do, treating your emotions becomes an essential part of optimal health. 

But how?

Learning how to use energy psychology tools, such as the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), for example, which works on several levels of your collective mind-body-spirit simultaneously, can help you get a better handle on your emotions and buried pain, including the stress from unexpected tragedies.

Optimal health might really hinge on dealing with, and resolving your emotional traumas as quickly as possible; not letting old emotional wounds linger and fester.  

In severe cases you might not be able to perform EFT satisfactorily on yourself, in which case I would highly recommend you seek out a trained professional. Dr. Patricia Carrington provides a list of certified EFT practitioners across the world, plus helpful advice on how to choose a practitioner that is right for you.