John Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Ron Paul

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You wouldn’t know it from watching the nightly news or reading the morning paper, but Ron Paul -- the presidential candidate who stands for health freedom in the United States -- is still in the running for the 2008 presidential campaign.

By now you may expect that the mainstream media would censor their coverage, only featuring candidates that are accepted by the establishment, but the Internet has, so far, represented a place where freedom of speech, and freedom of ideas, has persevered.

Well, this, too, may be changing.

The video above -- which shares words from some of the greatest leaders in U.S. history, including Ron Paul -- was actually censored, and removed, by YouTube.

Watch it now, before it is censored further, and remember, if you agree with Ron Paul‘s message of freedom and liberty then JOIN THE CAUSE!

I have never donated to any politician in my life, but I broke that pattern and contributed to Ron Paul. If you can‘t afford to donate that is no problem. What you CAN do is SPREAD the word.

Search my site for previous Ron Paul videos and send them to ALL your friends and relatives.

There are 1.3 million people that receive this newsletter. We CAN make a HUGE difference. If only a small fraction of you can spread this message in YOUR networks, your communities, and at work, just imagine what we can do.

If you want to show your support for Ron Paul in your neighborhood, you can also get a yard sign.

If you saw the amazing water buffalo video you can start to realize that if we all unite together we really do have a chance to overthrow the lions that are trying to eat us alive.
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